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defending the First Amendment against the Christian right ...

Jews On First!

... because if Jews don't speak out, they'll think we don't mind

Justice Sunday III : Excerpts from the transcript

Event held January 8, 2006 in Philadelphia, Pa.

(To read the complete transcript of the event on the Family Research Council website, click here.)

Senator Rick Santorum, Republican Pennsylvania

The Supreme Court has become the supreme branch of the government, imposing its unrestrained will on all of the people.

….the only way to restore this republic is to elevate honorable leaders like Samuel Alito who want to replace the hubris of this court with humility and respected for the common sense of the American people.

Unfortunately, Democrats on the judiciary committee seem poised to drag these hearings into the gutter so they can continue their far-left judicial activism on the Supreme Court….

We have heavily involved in defending the pledge of allegiance and were responsible for the campaign to have the words "under God" inserted in the pledge back in 1954 and we've always believed it is important for those words to be there because as it said in the declaration of independence we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights.

In America we believe our rights come from God, not the states. It's not for the states to give or take them away. The Soviet union at the time believed otherwise, that the state could give rights or take them away.

Reverend Herbert Lusk, Greater Exodus Baptist Church and host of rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We are here because we're here to take a stand for our religious liberties and freedoms. And they are under attack.

Just in this last year, the Supreme Court has declared that the Ten Commandments cannot be posted on public property if they make reference to the author of those commandments.

They have ruled that the pledge of allegiance is unconstitutional for our children to say because it says "one nation under God."

And just days ago a federal judge in Indiana said that the House of Representatives, that has had a 180 year tradition of opening their sessions in prayer -- if they mention the name of Jesus Christ. That is why we're here.

We are against the redefinition of marriage, we are against abortion, we are against partial abortion and we are against Christian bashing!….

For the first 150 years of our country's history, the nation's highest court was a great defender of religious principles being taught in our schools protected by our laws and honored in public. Unfortunately, that began to change about 60 years ago as religious questions came before the court, the court has gone increasingly hostile to religion and religious liberties.

America needs to sees [sic: cease] hostility towards religions and be a protector of our religious libs [sic: liberties].

Dr. James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family

I think that this effort to help get judge Samuel Alito confirmed may be one of the most important issues that has occurred, one of the most important efforts that has occurred in recent history because of the issue of judicial tyranny.

That's what we're faced with. As you have heard, for 60 years this court has forced its will on the American people. The decisions that have been made about religious concerns have not been chosen by the American people.

They have been forced on the American people and it's time to put it to an end! Let me enter into a dialogue with you. May I do that? I'm going to ask you some questions I want you to answer me. Will you let me hear from you? Yes.

Do you believe that school children should be able to read the bible?


Do you believe that school children should be able to pray in school?


Do you believe that there should be prayer at graduation activities?


And sporting events?


Do you resent the fact that the court has made it impossible for your kids to participate in that?


Do you believe that every child in this country should be able to pray or to say the pledge of allegiance with "under God" included?


Do you believe that every child in the world should be welcomed into this world and protected and given a chance at life?



Now, folks, the good news is that the president of the United States, George Bush, has nominated an outstanding judge to be a justice on the supreme court.

Samuel Alito has all of the qualifications. The American bar association, which I don't green (sic: I don't agree) with them on much, has given him the highest rating. He has more judicial experience than 105 out of 108 nominees to the Supreme Court, and he has made it very clear -- and I believe him -- that he will be an Originalist. An Originalist is one who will not legislate from the bench but who will interpret the constitution, which is the limit of their ability.

I think it is important for all religious people to work against anti-Christian defamation. Obviously, we're all in this together. America is a country that's 76% Christian. America's survival depends on the survival of Christianity. I think John Adams, our second president, said it best when he commented that our constitution was made for a morale and religious people and it is wholely inadequate for the government of any other.

That religion happens to be Christianity. If Christianity fails in America, if the left has its way, America as we know it will sees (sic: cease) to exist.

Catholics and evangelicals have come together. We understand the stakes.

Our culture is going south and unless we rescue it, we're all going down together.

That's why we've rieged (sic: reached) out with people of all faiths, because we have a war in this country between the secular Supremists (sic) who want to gut any expression of religion and those people who understand the traditional understanding of freedom of religion going back to the time of James Madison.

Look. The time for an alliance is now. We all have to stand together against the secular Supremists (sic). Either they win or we win.

Rev. Jerry Falwell, Liberty Baptist Ministries and the Moral Majority Coalition

I had been taught in school that religion and politics don't mix. I'd never bothered to look for the chapter and verse. It isn't in there. It's like separation of church and state. It's not in the constitution. But we have been so brainwashed that I felt my hands were tied….

Judge Alito. What we've worked on for 30 years -- to mobilize people of faith and values in this country. No one has done it better than Dr. Dobson in recent times. What we have done through these years is coming to culmination….

We were able to hold off Michael Moore and most of Hollywood and the national media and the Kennedy and other crowds who fought so fiercely against the re-election of George Bush. That was just a year ago.

And now we're looking at what we really stated over 30 years ago -- a reconstruction of a court system gone awry.

But the fact is that he [Alito] is a qualified justice and all the president is trying to do is keep his promise to put on the court men like Scalia and Thomas, who will stand for a strict constructionist application of the constitution and stand for faith and family and all the things that this nation under God as for plus 200 years been.

Let's pray that they [unclear who they are], too, might experience the fullness of God's joy and his peace. And at a time when the Middle East stands in a crisis and turmoil with the illness of the prime minister, Psalm 122 instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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